Tell Me Your Truest Story

Brave Voice - Episode 6 with the Brave Voices

July 9, 2022


This special summer episode explores what it means to find, use, and keep our brave voices in service of living our truest stories. Mostly recorded at Brave Voice: Writing & Singing For Your Life, the 17th annual retreat I lead with singer-songwriting Kelley Hunt, in May of 2022, this episode features a bevy of visionary, wise, and insightful people discussing brave boundaries, brave presences, the voice of silence (for good and bad), and how those of us who grew up having to ignore our voices sometimes turn into "a combination of trained dog and wild horse." Come listen to the brave voices here, including:

  • Nancy Hubble, outsider artist and writer
  • Julanne Patrick, singer, writer, and grandmother extraordinaire
  • Loel Lewis, writer, blogger, and retired educator
  • Jane Vogel, musician, songwriter, and businesswoman
  • Kathryn Lorenzen, career and creativity coach, and my co-leader in Your Right Livelihood
  • George Thompson, writer, psychiatrist, and chief medical officer of a drop-in mental health clinic
  • Kitra Cooper, writer and retired outreach/public relations director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Susan Hancock, jazz singer by night and state administrator and leader by day
  • Elaine McMilian, singer-songwriter and community uplifter
  • Robin Reed, musician, writer, and retire physician
  • Deborah Altus, educator, scholar, and writer

As Lorel Lewis reminds those of us who grew up being told we were "too much," our job now "is to be much muchier." 

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