Tell Me Your Truest Story

Changing Our Story of Anger — Episode 3: Harriet Lerner

October 9, 2021


How can anger be used from a place of courage, a place of connection? What do we do with our anger -- whether it's personal or political or both -- and our stories about anger, including who's allowed to get angry, what we believe anger can and can't do, and why anger is so threatening? In this in-depth interview best-selling author Harriet Lerner, author of The Dance of Anger, we talk about anger as a tool for change, when and how anger can be a shield for something as well as its own emotion, and the dos and don'ts of how to work with our own and others' anger. 

Harriet Lerner, PhD is the author of over 10 best-selling books, including her most recent superb book, Why Won't You Apologize?, and she is one of our nation's most loved and respected relationship experts. Renowned for her work on the psychology of women and family relationships, she served as a staff psychologist at the Menninger Clinic for more than two decades. She is a beloved speaker and writer who has changed the lives of many with her words and research.

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